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Status: Under Construction

A common development pattern seen in the local area and in rural settings generally, involves clusters of smaller farm buildings. These usually develop organically over time and often in the form of a series of outbuildings set around a central dwelling house. The gaps between these buildings result in the formation of courtyard spaces that create a sense of enclosure or protection. This approach directly informed the design concept for the house and is the reason why the schedule of spaces has been distributed between a number of separate forms. The spaces between these forms have thus become courtyards.

The house is set out in three simple, staggered, linear blocks set on roughly an east-west axis.

A single-storey, open-plan ‘Living Block’ is located to the front of the site and facing south-west in order to capture the good quality sunlight throughout the day with uninterrupted views over the rural landscape with generous glazing on three sides.

An adjoining, similarly-scaled, single -storey kitchen block sits just behind the living block and offers an increased level of privacy and shading with alternative views onto the semi-private courtyard. The floor level is approximately 500mm higher than the aforementioned Living block.

A slender, two-storey ‘Sleeping Block’ is located furthest to the north and adjoins the other pitched blocks via a simple flat-roof element which also acts as and clearly defines, the main entrance. This encloses the courtyard to the rear and also houses many of the dwelling’s functional spaces.

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